Mastering Culminate Life

Dive deep into the comprehensive guides that unravel the vast features of Culminate Life.

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Where to start


Dive into our Community for events, announcements, podcasts, connections, payments, and more, including prayer requests and planning visits.


Use Check-in for children's registration, attendance tracking, secure and self check-in options, and insightful reports.


Navigate Giving for easy donations, check imports, diverse payment methods, business giving options, and detailed reports.


Groups offers tools for organizing members, customization, file storage, admin tasks, and group messaging.

Point of Sale

Streamline transactions with Point of Sale for product management, inventory tracking, gift cards, order processing, and tax exemptions.

Video on Demand

Explore Video on Demand for a range of content, including podcasts, highlights, and event videos.

Live Stream

Engage in real-time with Live Stream, featuring live chat, stream relay, and third-party integrations.


Stay mobile with the Culminate Life app, white-label options, and specialized portal apps in our Apps suite.

Text Messaging

Connect with your people and provide an easy way for them to reach out with our Text Messaging options.

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